Postdoctoral Fellowships. There is one open postdoctoral position in the group. Themes of research include transport measurements, entanglement generation, and resonantly interactions in ultracold fermions. Postdoctoral fellowships are a gateway to a wide range of acadmic and industrial research careers: for examples, see the current placement of alumni/ae of our group. Funding opportunities include the CQIQC Postdoctoral Fellowship, a yearly competition with a late October deadline.

Graduate research positions. We typically have open positions for new graduate students in the group. Positions are either on the Lattice experiment, where we study fermions in an optical lattice; or the Chip experiment, where we study transport and correlation dynamics of resonantly interacting fermions. Contact Prof. Thywissen for further details -- or stop by the lab for a tour, if you are in town.

For students who are considering applying to the UofT for graduate studies, please refer to the graduate admissions page a description of the application procedure. Application deadlines are yearly in January. Late applications are considered by the graduate office in exceptional circumstances for domestic applicants.

Summer students. Each year we accept at least one summer student through the NSERC USRA program. Remember to check the Department of Physics web site in late January to see all projects available, and apply for a USRA.